Alex Yow was a photojournalist who went to live in New York.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Alex grew up in Chicago, with her brother, Brandon. She aspired to be a photo journalist and moved to Rickman in order to pursue this career. Both of her parents passed away some time before this. (AUDIO: The Lost Angel)

Adventures with the Doctor Edit

When Brandon Yow, her brother, went to visit her, they met the Twelfth Doctor. She witnessed her landlord, Jeff get sent back in time by a Weeping Angel. Together, they were able to defeat the Weeping Angel that was pursuing them. The Doctor agreed to allow Brandon and Alex one trip in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Lost Angel)

While exploring the inside of the TARDIS, Brandon and Alex discovered that it had been invaded by a plant creature which engulfed much of the TARDIS interior. (AUDIO: The Lost Planet)

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