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Alexandra Elizabeth "Alex" Kingston (born 11 March 1963[1]) played River Song in Doctor Who, beginning with Silence in the Library in series 4. In 2015, she also first appeared in her own range of audio plays, The Diary of River Song, as well as the Doom Coalition, Ravenous and UNIT: The New Series audio series and the audio anthologies The Eighth of March and The Legacy of Time.

Trained as an actress at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Kingston is best known internationally for her role as Dr. Elizabeth Corday in the US TV series ER, alongside Goran Višnjić, and the title role in the 1996 miniseries The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders.

She also had recurring roles in the US TV series FlashForward as Scotland Yard inspector Fiona Banks, and a lead role in the ITV drama Marchlands as Helen Maynard, the 1980s tenant of the house and mother of Sydney Wade's character.

Kingston played the lead role of Queen Boudica in the 2003 film Warrior Queen, directed by Bill Anderson and co-starring Emily Blunt as Boudica's daughter Isolda. Other Doctor Who alumni who appeared in the film included Alex Hassell, Angus Wright, Steve John Shepherd, Frances Barber, and Jack Galloway.

Kingston also starred in multiple seasons of Law & Order: SVU, where she played defence attorney Miranda Pond (a name similar to Melody Pond) and appeared in NCIS as Miranda Pennebaker.

Kingston has a recurring role in Arrow, being the third of five actors from Doctor Who to also have a role in the show's universe.

She was formerly married to actor Ralph Fiennes (whom she met at RADA), and Florian Haertel. Her daughter Salome Haertel acted alongside her in Series 2 and Series 8 of The Diary of River Song.

Her niece, Bonnie Kingston, played Lucy Davis in the Missy audio series. (BFX: A Spoonful of Mayhem)

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