Alex Hopkins led a Torchwood team in the late 20th century.

Alex was given an offer to spy on Torchwood for the Committee, but he declined.

In 1987, Agent Martin Gibbons discovered a sentient spaceship which sensed he was unhappy with the way Torchwood operated. They left Earth and landed on Cotter Paluni's World. Their minds merged and they believed themselves to be God. Their reign was ended by Jack Harkness and Torsten Højer. (AUDIO: Red Skies)

Object 1 had shown Alex how unprepared the team was for the upcoming 21st century. As a result of this, on 31 December 1999 he gathered the entire team in the Hub except for the immortal Jack Harkness, and killed them. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive) He told Yvonne Hartman about his actions via a phone call. (AUDIO: One Rule)

Jack returned to the Hub to find the corpses of his co-workers. Alex then spoke with Jack about a storm humanity could not face. After the first few seconds of the 21st century had passed, their conversation ended and Alex shot himself. (TV: Fragments)

As the only remaining member of Torchwood Three, Jack was in charge. He later formed his own team. (TV: Everything Changes et al.)

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