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Alex was the husband of Claire and adoptive father of George.

Claire was unable to have children. They took IVF treatment, to no avail. Eventually, they had a son and named him George. When George became frightened of something in the flat, it was placed in his bedroom cupboard. Alex could not cope with looking after him and began to wish someone would come help deal with George's fears.

In 2011, he lost his job when the factory he worked at closed, making his family late with the rent. When Claire went to work after promising to contact Social Services for help with George, the Eleventh Doctor visited per a psychic distress call from George. After George displayed great telepathic powers, trapping him in the cupboard with others, Alex learned from the Doctor that George was a Tenza. Despite this, Alex knew George was still his son. Alex's unconditional love allowed George to overcome his fears and save his father, the Doctor and Rory from the peg dolls.

Subsequently, Alex lived a more peaceful life with his family. However, he still worried that George's alien nature might cause something odd to happen to his physical appearance. The Doctor promised to return when George was going through puberty, just in case. (TV: Night Terrors)

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According to The Brilliant Book 2012, a book that contains non-narrative based information, Alex's scripted last name was Thompson. However, there is no indication of any last name in Night Terrors as originally transmitted.

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