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Gwen Cooper and Jack Harkness in a pub in TV: Everything Changes

Alcohol was ethanol diluted into a drink with an inebriating effect. (AUDIO: The Emporium At The End) It was consumed, used, seen and even occasionally manufactured by the Doctor, their companions and various other individuals.

Addiction to alcohol was known as alcoholism. (AUDIO: The Conspiracy, et al.)


Different species had different reactions to alcohol. Humans and Threllips were known to get drunk after drinking too much alcohol. (AUDIO: Living Legend) This affect was also utilised as a numbing agent for medical procedures, such as dentistry. When the First Doctor was offered some alcohol by the dentist Doc Holliday in October 1881 before a tooth extraction, he said that he never touched the stuff. (TV: The Gunfighters) He repeated his assertion whilst in 17th century Cornwall to Joseph Longfoot. (TV: The Smugglers) He noted that, despite making one feel warmer, alcohol actually reduced body temperature. (AUDIO: The Great White Hurricane)

Alcohol could be an addictive substance; John Hart went to rehab for drugs, alcohol, sex and murder. (TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) According to Dr Kurdi, it also had little to no health benefits, acting almost as a slow-acting poison on the human body. (AUDIO: The Rise of the New Humans) Tommy Pierce was a recovering alcoholic, getting drunk for the first time in years due to Rachel Allan serving him spiked coffee. (AUDIO: New Girl)

The various species of Sentarion had a stronger resistance to alcohol than humans. (PROSE: Shakedown) Gallifreyans were more resistant yet. They were better at metabolising alcohol, (AUDIO: The Rise of the New Humans) and could easily shrug off the effects of alcohol when they needed to. (PROSE: The Quantum Archangel, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, TV: The Girl in the Fireplace) As with humans, however, excessive consumption could produce a hangover. (AUDIO: Slipback) Ginger beer would reduce their ability to tolerate alcohol. (AUDIO: The Kingmaker)

Alcohol was toxic to Naxians. (AUDIO: The Sound of Fear)

A Dalek, sent to capture Schalk, caught fire when Elizabeth Klein poured alcohol on its gunstick when it tried to exterminate the Seventh Doctor, causing the tavern to catch fire with it. (AUDIO: Daleks Among Us)

Cultural tolerance[]

Some cultures were opposed to the drinking of alcohol. In the early 20th century, there was a prohibition of alcohol in America. (TV: Immortal Sins, PROSE: Blood Harvest) The Saraani religion forbade the drinking of alcohol. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage) The various species of Sentarion were opposed to the drinking of alcohol, though they had no problems with aliens doing so and even made Rekkar themselves. (PROSE: Shakedown) Alpha Centaurans never drank alcohol and didn't see the appeal of it. (PROSE: The Dark Path)

In 2006, the Ninth Doctor claimed that David Lloyd George, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, drank him under the table in 10 Downing Street. (TV: Aliens of London) Liz 10 would later recall that the Doctor was an "old drinking buddy" of Henry XII. (TV: The Beast Below)

Some individuals such as Creeby compared non-alcoholic drinks to poison. (COMIC: Where Nobody Knows Your Name)

The Twelfth Doctor hid alcohol in one of the roundels in his TARDIS, (TV: The Husbands of River Song) as did the First Doctor. (TV: Twice Upon a Time)

Alcoholic beverages[]