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Alby Brook was a B-grade operative of Earth Security tasked by Ernst Tanlee with locating Kalendorf prior to the Dalek invasion of Vega VI. He became an enemy of the Daleks, seeking to rescue Susan Mendes from them, and was eventually killed by her to prevent him from spoiling her plans.


Early life[]

Alby lived in the slums of Proxima Major and was the product of a broken home. He was given a poor education and was involved in small-time crime in his youth, eventually joining the army. (AUDIO: The Human Factor) He was given a suspended sentence due to petty theft on the condition that he serve as an operative for Earth Security.

Ernst Tanlee sent Alby on a mission to Vega VI to track down Kalendorf to help the Earth Alliance's negotiations with Velyshaa. He pretended to be a water taxi driver and befriended regular customer Susan Mendes, developing romantic feelings for her. He heard only rumours and the vaguest of clues of Kalendorf's whereabouts. (AUDIO: Invasion of the Daleks)

The Dalek occupation[]

After six months on Vega VI, Alby prepared to leave, telling Suz that he was going to take a position on a starliner, but ultimately fled aboard the Aquitania when the Dalek invasion began. He felt guilty for leaving Suz and, after being attacked on the way to his next assignment, he chose to return to Vega VI in an attempt to find her, only to be attacked again and saved by Gordon Pellan. Alby spent some time aboard Pellan's news ship before the Daleks invaded, having learnt of the location of resistance cells thanks to their transmissions. (AUDIO: Invasion of the Daleks)

Alby and Suz watching the crash of the SD Victorious. (AUDIO: Invasion of the Daleks)

Travelling to the Garazone sector, Alby and Pellan entered hypersleep for six months, after which they headed to Guria in pursuit of Suz. They crashed into the sea and were captured by Daleks, who allowed him a brief glimpse of Suz, only escaping after the Earth Alliance attacked the ship. Alby lost both of his legs and was given new ones by Gurians, who also directed him and Pellan to a Dalek flying saucer which they stole. Due to their inability to use the communication systems, they were attacked by the Earth Alliance. (AUDIO: The Human Factor)

Alby witnessed Tanlee kill Pellan, who had been an advanced Roboman, and was tasked with finding out what Suz knew about Project Infinity and, if necessary, killing her. (AUDIO: "Death to the Daleks!") He crashed into a moon after a Dalek rammed his new ship and, whilst attempting to repair it, conversed with the greatly-damaged Dalek about Suz and hope. After fixing his radio, Tanlee sent him a ship and Alby realised that he was superior to the Dalek because he had hope. (PROSE: Alby)

After going to Carson's Planet and getting drunk, Alby went to Yaldos with Mirana, who had previously arrested him on Quelador, and found that the Daleks had been overthrown. He finally met Kalendorf, who told him that Suz had died. (AUDIO: "Death to the Daleks!") However, he was sceptical of his claims due to the lack of a body.

After receiving coordinates and a message about pickled onions, Alby met the Seer of Yaldos and learnt from her what Suz had gone through and of her feelings for him. He helped Kalendorf and the Seer strike at the Dalek Emperor and learnt from a robotised Tanlee of the Daleks' plans for Project Infinity as well as Suz's survival. He, Kalendorf and Mirana were taken away by the Daleks to be turned into one of them. (AUDIO: Project Infinity)

Protecting Suz[]

Alby, Kalendorf and Mirana were awoken by the Mentor's Daleks and taken to meet her, joining her in the fight against the Enemy Daleks. However, they began to secretly work against her upon learning of her ruthlessness. Alby saved Suz by destroying the freighter taking her for her extermination, after which he followed a distress call by the Dalek Emperor to the Pkowik system. He and Morli were captured by Enemy Daleks and forced to take them to Suz aboard the Defiant, (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter One) having had his knowledge of Suz forcibly extracted.

Almost sixteen years after the invasion of Vega VI, Alby and Suz were reunited, catching up on what had happened to them both. He attempted to save her from the Daleks when they landed on Earth by shooting them to no avail, instead being used to ensure Suz's cooperation with the restoration of the Emperor. He and Morli watched as the Emperor gained brief control of Suz's body. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Two)

Alby, Suz and Morli were locked up on the Defiant, where Alby theorised that the Emperor had chosen to hide inside Suz because he knew that Alby would protect her. He realised that Morli had been hypnotised in the Pkowik system and tried to prevent her from killing Suz before the Daleks exterminated Morli themselves. On Kalendorf's orders, Alby reluctantly left him with Suz to free the unconscious crew of the ship and barricade the airlocks against the Enemy Daleks. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Three)


Distrustful of Kalendorf and afraid of his influence on Suz, Alby held him at gunpoint and demanded to know what he was planning. He was stunned by Kalendorf's alliance with the Dalek Supreme and, believing that he had brainwashed Suz, threatened to shoot him. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Three) However, Suz shot Alby first to prevent him from spoiling their plans and he died before her eyes. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Four)


As she wanted to make sure that Alby did not die needlessly, Suz made Kalendorf promise that they would win the war against the Enemy Daleks. They were ultimately successful, causing the Great Catastrophe. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Four)


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Alby worked best under extreme pressure (AUDIO: "Death to the Daleks!") and enjoyed brandy and Southern Comfort. (AUDIO: Invasion of the Daleks)

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