In April 1969, Doris Lethbridge-Stewart (then Bryden) gave birth to a son named Albert Bryden. However, this son was not Wilson's, but rather Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's, following a tryst in Brighton nine months earlier. George Wilson took the boy on as his own when he started dating Doris, by which point Albert was two. When George and Doris married, Albert officially became a Wilson.

Doris wrote a letter to Alistair to tell him he had a son, but she never sent it. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)

Later, on 1 January 1990, Albert, now dating Tamara (who was expecting their first child), finally made contact with his biological father, not wishing his soon-to-be-born son (Conall Wilson) to be without a grandfather. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time) It was through this that Alistair and Doris met again and eventually married. (TV: Battlefield)

By 2000, Albert showed signs of concern over the stories his dad told his son, Conall. (PROSE: The Two Brigadiers) In the following years during which another son (Nick) and daughter (Lucy) was added to his family, for reasons not fully explained, Albert and Alistair became estranged, and by 2011 Albert particularly did not care for the bond Lucy shared with Alistair. Much like Conall before her, Lucy became enamoured by the history of the Lethbridge-Stewarts, a shadow under which Albert hated living. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson) In late 2017 a job promotion forced him and his family to relocate from London to a small town in South Wales called Ogmore-by-Sea. By this point Conall was married to Dean and lived in London, and Nick was away at university. (PROSE: Avatars of the Intelligence)

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