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Albert Smithe was one of the people attacked by dream crabs.

In his dream state, he thought he was a scientist and a professor at the North Pole on Christmas Eve. He attempted to console Shona during the briefing for entering the infirmary, but his attempt was misunderstood as a perverted act. To his annoyance, he watched as Shona danced to keep her mind off-limits to the creatures.

He and the others were sent into a secondary dream state by the crabs when the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald arrived. He made a passing comparison to the film Alien, which the Doctor found offensive and believed that to be the reason that real aliens kept invading Earth.

After the Doctor saved Clara from a third dream, he helped everyone realise that the base was a dream as well. However, Albert got too close to a screen showing the projection of his sleeping self and was killed by it. In the real world, his body died. (TV: Last Christmas)

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