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A minor Elder God, who later went by the name of Albert Marsden, after being trapped in the form of the human with the same name, was a servant of Moloch. he, along with another minor Elder God (who eventually went by "Peggy") once tried to destroy 20th century Earth.

In the 1980s, they possessed several real life humans including Generals Petrov and Mitchell in an attempt to prompt a nuclear war on Earth. However, the pair were trapped inside a pocket universe of their own making by the Seventh Doctor, who tricked them into inhabiting Peggy and Albert Marsden. The dimensional prison took the form of a ten-day time loop and only existed as long as the Elder Gods were trapped within it, preventing Moloch from freeing them. The Doctor meant them to understand what it was to live and die as mortal humans, and promised to release them once they could do this; however, they were left trapped for several hundred years, before Moloch saved them. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive)

After rescuing the pair of them, Moloch offered Albert up as a hostage to Weyland, so that he could use Peggy in his war against Fenric. During the war, she met Sally Morgan and Lysandra Aristedes near Weyland's Smithy, an ancient burial ground. She then stole Weyland's Shield from Lysandra Aristedes, giving it to Weyland in return for Albert, however both were killed. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

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