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Alan Fergus Turnpike ran the urban legends website "Myth City".

The memory of his father suffering from a condition that caused raspy speech and acute chest pains haunted him all his life.

In 2016, he was in his forties or fifties. He studied in Coal Hill School. During his school years, at the end of 1980s or beginning of 1990s, he heard rumours about Alice Parsons' house and himself saw Faceless Alice in the window. This prompted his lifelong interest in the house and legends surrounding it. Several times he broke into the house and was once discovered and confronted by the owner. Once he saw Faceless Alice, a girl without a face, up close stroking the hair of sleeping Alice Parsons.

Alan worked in a charity. In his free time, he was running the site "Myth City", which he had started to collect eyewitness accounts about the house.

After Constantine Oliver acquired the house in July 2015, he persuaded Alan's employer to fire him for lowering the house's value and kept threatening Alan to make him take the website down.

In 2016 Alan lived on Meadow Row near Elephant and Castle tube station on the top floor of a set of flats and owned a brown Mini. When Miss Quill, Ram Singh, April MacLean and Tanya Adeola visited him with questions about the old stone house, he was completely enamoured by Miss Quill.

Thus, when told by April that Miss Quill was arrested, he posted bail for her and helped her find and free Tanya. During the confrontation with the female bone spider living in the house, he even entered into a hopeless physical altercation with the much larger spider and then bravely served as a distraction while Miss Quill and Amira entangled the spider's legs.

By now fully onboard with Tanya's investigation of the house, Alan helped her find the spider's daughter and bring her back to her mother.

After Mr Oliver relinquished the control of the house, Alan was appointed its caretaker.

He was hoping for a date with Miss Quill but she remained noncommittal. (PROSE: The Stone House)