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Alan Chuntz (21 April 1927-8 August 2009[1]) was a frequent stunt performer for Doctor Who. He was also a member of HAVOC.

During the filming of the car chase scene in episode three of Inferno, Bessie's bumper gashed open Chuntz's leg as it passed. The gash was so severe that he had to go to A&E. John Levene stated on the DVD commentary that "it was the worst wound [he]'d ever seen" and that after Jon Pertwee saw the wound and learned he caused it, he became sick and almost couldn't carry on filming until a few hours later. Pertwee even went as far as buying Chuntz's wife a gift to apologise for the accident. (INFO: Inferno)

Chuntz provided the stunts for films such as You Only Live Twice, The Dirty Dozen and The Italian Job. He also had bit parts in television shows such as Z-Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, Secret Agent, The Avengers, The Saint, Callan, Softly Softly: Taskforce and The Onedin Line.

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