Alaban was a prisoner of Queen Shemura of Philastra.

Alaban used to live in the mountains of Philastra with his family, until Shemura trapped him, killed much of his family and left him for dead as a prisoner. When the Eleventh Doctor, Danny and Abby were also imprisoned, they helped find a way out through the service tunnels.

Spotting Shemura, Alaban rushed towards her, but was shot by her guards, nearly killing him. Angered by this, the Doctor tricked Shemura by boosting the TARDIS' telepathic circuits. This "returned" mental projections of the planet's dead, breaking Shemura's mind control over her guards. Alaban, surviving his attack, carried Shemura back to her tomb, where the Doctor placed her back in suspended animation, permanently locking the controls. After this, Alaban returned to the mountains to see if any family members survived. (COMIC: The Tomb of Shemura)

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