Alabama’s Blue Box was a short story in the Into the Unknown series.

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Matt Shore writes about the mystery surrounding a British police box being caught on photograph in Alabama in December 1955, despite experts agreeing it likely originated in the 1960s. He claims some experts have deemed it a prop made by hoaxers, as its windows are the wrong size. Matt adds an update claiming several readers have got in touch to report similar sightings of a blue box in the Punjab in 1947, Tibet in 1935 and twice in Ypres in 1914.

In the comments, “GP” recalls her grandmother claiming to have seen a blue box frequently in a corridor near Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s office, coinciding with the appearance of strangers. Frank recalls his father seeing such a box at a crime scene in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve 1999, only for it to be missing hours later. “TS” claims to be from Leadworth and claims a police box was seen in various points in the village on and off for years, being nicknamed the “Leadworth Locker”. TS claims to have found it in February 2020, encountering a fair-haired woman as she was stepping inside who told him to stock up on handwash.

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  • This story includes several in-universe comments, to immerse the reader in thinking this is an authentic blog post.

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