Akoshemon was a desolate planet located in the Akoshemon system.

The planet was a giant mass of scarlet and black. It was so near the galaxy that was by the Mutter's Spiral galaxy that one could actually see the gap in between the two, in which there were no stars at all.

The planet was infamous in its sector of space for being a planet synonymous with cruelty and death. Its history was littered with war, famine, pestilence and various other horrors. These were the results of the being known as the Dark. Circa 1482 AD, a group of humanoid space travellers arrived on Akoshemon and learned about the Dark. They then tracked it back to its lair, and destroyed its physical form with fire.

The planet was completely lifeless, with a highly toxic atmosphere and a surface that was made up of boiling mud and molten lava. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark)

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