Aklaar was born Abrasaar, full name Abrasaar Urr'n'Jaas. He served in the Martian warrior caste and rose to the rank of Supreme Grand Marshal. He was inducted into the ranks of the rulers of Mars, the Eight-Point Table, where he sat alongside his fellow Grand Marshals, including his close blood kin, Falaxyr.

With his brethren, he participated in the devastating conflict between Mars and Earth which became known as the Thousand Day War. Earth Intelligence learnt of a heavily guarded Martian weapon installation in a region known to the Ice Warriors as Viis Claar, which humans called Valles Marineris, at the equator in the eastern end of a wide, deep valley. The United Nations Central Command sent General Burkitt's King's Fusiliers when Aklaar supposedly withdrew his troops to raise the siege of a nearby city. They ran into ten thousand Martian warriors and fought in a battle that lasted three days. Burkitt's troops were all killed.

Abrasaar himself destroyed the weapons dump with anti-matter cannons and sonic piledrivers. The massive fireball of plasma and gamma radiation killed twenty five thousand humans and Martians. Abrasaar was said to have been killed in the devastation. This battle signified the only significant human defeat in the War. The Martians were also deeply affected. Abrasaar tricked the humans into attack. Martian military honour despised trickery, leading ultimately to their defeat.

Abrassar was called the Butcher of Viis Claar and he was reviled by humans and Martians alike. He abandoned his birth name, called himself Aklaar and joined the pacifist caste of the Holy Order of Oras as an Abbot to dedicate his life to the teachings of compassion and peace.

As he approached his three hundredth birthday in 2157, he requested leave from the Holy Bishop and the Polar Nests to make a pilgrimage to G'chun duss Ssethissi. He was allowed to carry the Sword of Tuburr there to symbolically shatter the blade, signifying the end of the Martian's war-like ways.

On pilgrimage he met the Seventh Doctor and joined his companions in their trek to the North Pole. He did not know the pilgrimage had been orchestrated by his former comrade Falaxyr who wanted the Sword of Tuburr. It was an activation key for the GodEngine of the Osirans. At the Cauldron of Ssethissi, Falaxyr revealed Aklaar's true identity; this alienated his followers. Aklaar challenged Falaxyr to a blood duel to prevent the Supreme Grand Marshal from killing millions. In the battle, Aklaar was brutally slain by his clutch mate, Falaxyr. The event allowed the Doctor to stop the GodEngine's activation. (PROSE: GodEngine)

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