Ajeeth was a Sikh servant of Lady Cornelia Basildon-Stone in the late 19th century. When the Paternoster Gang investigated Crystal Palace, he met Strax and started taunting him, but Strax got him back by pointing out the turban on his head and implying he was injured.

Later, he transformed the policemen stationed at Basildon-Stone's hideout into wasp/human mutations by use of a genetic splicer. He told them to attack Strax, Jenny, and Tommy Corrigan, but they escaped and he was left alone.

Their escape was cut off by more mutations, and Ajeeth attacked Strax and revealed that Basildon-Stone had shared her use of the genetic splicer with him. He himself transformed into a wasp/human, but then Jenny shot him with Strax's gun. (COMIC: The Crystal Throne)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ajeeth wore a turban. He had a black beard that clung to his face, and his clothes were black and green. (COMIC: The Crystal Throne)

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