Aisha was the childhood best friend of Yasmin Khan. Aisha and Yasmin attended the same school in Sheffield around 2010. During a school camping trip to a national park, the pair shared a tent and marveled at the night sky and that night, Aisha decided she wanted to become an astronaut. Later, while Yaz travelled time and space with the Thirteenth Doctor, she wondered what her old friend would think of her adventures. During one adventure, the Doctor's TARDIS imitated Aisha using Yaz's memories, showing her an instance where they did homework together. This projection of Aisha frequently poked fun at her friend and claimed that the real version of her outside of the flashbacks was an aerospace engineer in 2018. According to Yasmin, the memories the TARDIS showed her featuring Aisha were of real events. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

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