Air Force Gone was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2011.

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Earth's President is returning to Earth in a sub-orbital jet that is hit by a "lightning bolt". It renders everyone unconscious. The President is teleported from the jet onto a mock-up jet in space, where the Doctor is waiting for her.

The Doctor has disabled the scanners with a bucket. He wins the President's trust when he takes her aboard the TARDIS, which she recognises from reports in the Nixon Files. The Doctor explains the President has been "borrowed" by the Daemervoids, who are planning to invade Earth. Before they invade they plan to use a mind-probe on the disorientated President to assess Earth's space defence codes.

However, the Doctor has a plan. He fits a Tri-D Holomovie disc around the President's neck, sends her back to her seat and tells her to play along and not to resist the probe. The unsuspecting Daemervoids scan the President's brain for knowledge of Earth's defences and are shown that the Earth is defended by an army of four million K-1 Robo-Warriors and a thousand Devil Wing starfighter squadrons!

The Daemervoids think they would be beaten. They decide on a hasty retreat and withdraw immediately, returning the President to her jet before any retaliation. Onboard the jet the crew wake to find the TARDIS onboard and the President with a surprise guest who asks about the chance of tea and Jammie Dodgers!

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