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Afterimage was a term used by the Eleventh Doctor to describe what remained of the Alliance following Total Event Collapse in 102 AD.

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As discovered by himself and Rory Williams in the Underhenge, several members of the Alliance, including a pair of Daleks, a Cyberman and an Auton Roman, had been reduced to stone fossils. As the Doctor explained to Rory: (TV: The Big Bang)

History has collapsed. Whole races have been deleted from existence. These are just like afterimages. Echoes. Fossils in time. The footprints of the never-were.The Eleventh Doctor [src]

The Pandorica held atoms from the original universe, taken before the cracks erased events, which could sustain life. In 1996, Light from the Pandorica restored one of the Daleks, albeit with limited power. This stone Dalek shot the Doctor, severely wounding the Time Lord without killing him but depleted its energy reserves nonetheless. It was confronted by River Song, who threatened to kill it by shooting its eyestalk with an Alpha Meson gun. Initially, it did not believe that River would destroy it, thinking that as one of the Doctor's companions, she would show mercy. River told it to look her up in its data banks. After doing so, it began to plead for mercy, shaking in terror. Later, when Amy and Rory asked where it was, she stated, "It died."

When the Doctor rebooted the universe and timeline, the stone afterimages, along with all things that had been erased from history, were restored to their original form and place in space and time. (TV: The Big Bang)

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Action figures based on the Stone Dalek, Cyberman and Auton Roman were released by Character Options.

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