After the Revolution was a comic in the 1975 Doctor Who annual which featured the Third Doctor and Jo.

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The Third Doctor returns to the planet Freedonia with Jo. The last time he was here, he helped the great statesman Kamoa lead a successful revolution against the Freedonian oppressors. This time, though, the Doctor discovers that Kamoa has gone power-mad. He is now oppressing the few remaining Freedonians. He's converted himself into a sort of living brain, living in a specialised environment. He's also created an army of robots and given each robot some of his organic brain cells. This binds all the robots into a sort of gestalt entity, with Kamoa at the heart.

The Doctor discovers the few remaining biological Freedonians. They report they are now exploited by Kamoa and his robot army. Jo asks Bolgar, one of the robots, some questions that challenge his logic. He turns on Kamoa, killing him. The entire robot army immediately ceases to function. The Doctor and Jo depart, leaving the Freedonians to rebuild a free society on the planet.

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