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Affinity was a slave of Orestes Milton's. Originally called Alfie, he was the master of ceremonies at the Carnival of Curiosities in 1890s London. According to Milton, he had a talent for modifying his personality to suit the needs of whomever he was speaking with. Milton genetically modified him in order to enhance this ability and in so doing turned him into a weapon. He appeared in various guises to gain the trust of the Doctor's friends. To Clara Oswald, he was a charming young man also named Oswald. To Jenny Flint, he was a servant boy named Jim. To Vastra, he was a Silurian named Festin. He attempted to get the Twelfth Doctor's attention by turning into his previous incarnations although this proved unsuccessful. He was ultimately freed from Milton's influence and went off with Silhouette. (PROSE: Silhouette)
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