Aeneas was the cousin of Troilus, Hector, Paris and Cassandra.

In c. 1200 BC, Aeneas arrived at the battle of Troy just as it was ending. Vicki Pallister, in her guise as Cressida, and Troilus escaped from the sack of Troy with Aeneas and his people. (TV: The Myth Makers)

At some point, part of the group, including Vicki and Troilus, separated from Aeneas' group. Vicki surmised that Aeneas had settled somewhere. She thought that he went on to found Rome or something. (AUDIO: Frostfire) Young William Shakespeare told Vicki that some of Aeneas' relatives settled in ancient Britain. (PROSE: Apocrypha Bipedium)

Later poetic tradition told the story of how, when Aeneas came to Carthage, Queen Dido fell in love with him and wanted him to stay as her husband. However, he refused in obedience to his fate as the founder of Rome and went away, causing her to commit suicide. However, as the First Doctor pointed out, this was impossible, since Aeneas lived three centuries earlier than Princess Elissa of Tyre, the founder of Carthage. It turned out that the man really involved in the affair was Ian Chesterton, whose name could be pronounced in a similar way to Aeneas; even in that case, though, Elissa/Dido didn't commit suicide. (AUDIO: The Phoenicians)

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