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In 1898, The Times was rife with advertisements. Vastra called this a "distressing modern trend".

The newspaper advertised, amongst other things, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Euxesis, Chlorodyne, Messrs Thorn, Peters' Edition, the Gloucester Musical Festival, Mme Patti's final concert at the Royal Albert Hall, a concert with Dr Joachim and Mr Borwick, Arthur Tooth and Sons' Galleries, the Fine Art Society, Goupil Gallery's Grand Summer Exhibition, John Yates' Present Day Metallurgical Engineering on the Rand, Hotel Victoria, Mancini's Family Restaurant, Walsingham House Hotel and Restaurant, and a number of travel destinations with various transport companies. In all this, Missy hid a clue for both Clara Oswald and the Twelfth Doctor to find each other: "IMPOSSIBLE GIRL: Lunch on the other side?" (TV: Deep Breath)

In October 1969, Times Square had an advertisement for International Electromatics. (PROSE: Times Squared)

Tamsin Drew once did an advert for leg wax, in desperate search of acting work, which she was later embarrassed about. (AUDIO: Situation Vacant)

In 2001, a town had an alleyway which was covered in layers of advertisements. (PROSE: Prologue to This Town Will Never Let Us Go)

A London bus in 2005 advertised a stage production of The Lion King. (TV: Rose)

In 2006, the Slitheen spaceship hidden in the North Sea beamed a signal advertising the planet Earth as fuel. After the Ninth Doctor thwarted the Slitheen plot, he used the TARDIS to disperse the signal before any bargain hunters could arrive. (TV: World War Three)

The 200, bound for Victoria but fated for wormhole travel to San Helios, advertised Neon. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

Another London bus, seen in the 2010s, advertised a TV series that featured individuals resembling the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. (TV: In the Forest of the Night)

A Cardiff supermarket contained posters which advertised the films The Pink Panther and Date Movie. (TV: Out of Time)

In September 2018, the University of South Yorkshire was advertised on a Sheffield train. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) That same year, the Seventh Doctor placed a personal advert in NME magazine which read, "Ace - Behind You!". (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation)

Ken Bright-Thompson worked in advertising. (AUDIO: Lost Property)

Parallel universes[]

Arriving in a parallel universe, Rose Tyler learned that her dad was alive in this world when she saw an an advert for Vitex Lite, starring Pete Tyler himself. The advert was interactive. When Rose touched the screen, the image of Pete said "Trust me on this." (TV: Rise of the Cybermen)

In another parallel world, a different version of Pete also used his image and voice on advertisements for SoulTech. He had the same motto: "Trust me on this." (AUDIO: Ghost Machines)