You may be looking for Advanced Research Project.
The Advanced Research Department or ARD was an extension of Practan College at St Oscar's University on Dellah. (PROSE: Oh No It Isn't!) The Department Head was Professor Santos Silvera, (PROSE: Mean Streets, The Medusa Effect, Tears of the Oracle) and its security chief was Jarl Kendrick. (PROSE: Mean Streets)

The Department's only entrance was a pair of black doors that were constantly guarded by a Goll (PROSE: Oh No It Isn't!, Dragons' Wrath, Mean Streets) and watched by a security camera. Legends held that the building was kept in continual darkness and used by alien researchers. The projects in the Department brought Dellah money from off-planet. (PROSE: Oh No It Isn't!)

The Department was hired by DevCorps to find a solution to the psychopathic side effects of the Project's genetic manipulations. (PROSE: Mean Streets) Another of the Department's projects involved the spaceship Medusa. (PROSE: The Medusa Effect)

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