Adric Traken was the youngest child of Nyssa and Lasarti and the younger brother of Neeka. He was named after his mother's former travelling companion Adric, who died. He endeavoured to continue his mother's work and cure Richter's Syndrome. Whilst on Valdran he met the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough whilst they were travelling with his mother on her second trip on the TARDIS. He wanted them to save Nyssa from Helheim not knowing that that had already happened. Turlough told him the truth, and about the events in India in the 1920s. He would experiment on criminals to find the cure. He had the data of all the mutations of the disease for the last 25 years and managed to cure it with the help from Nyssa. They were to meet in one month but Adric never saw Nyssa again. (AUDIO: Prisoners of Fate)

He waited for Nyssa when the Doctor returned to him and told him that Nyssa was lost in E-Space with no hope of return. When Adric demanded to know the full story, the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough recounted the events of their adventure on Apollyon and how Nyssa sacrificed herself to allow them passage back to N-Space. After they told him what happened, Adric told them to leave, brushing off the Doctor's attempts to apologise. (AUDIO: The Entropy Plague)

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