Adrian Wall was the construction manager at the Braxiatel Collection.


Early life[]

As Killoran names were usually impossible for humanoids to pronounce, Adrian took took his name from Hadrian's Wall, believing that it was the name of a Roman general who protected Great Britain from the Scots. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Doomsday Manuscript)

He was force-evolved for war and fought in the invasion of Világ, during which he killed a five-year-old human boy, his guilt over which led him to resist his violent instincts. (PROSE: Hiding Places) He became the construction manager at the Braxiatel Collection, leading a number of other members of his species. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Doomsday Manuscript)

The Collection[]

Becoming a father[]

Adrian and his team found Avril Fenman's cave on Hera, which he informed Bernice Summerfield, Clarissa Jones and Dominic Troy of. He fell in love with Benny - not realising that she was possessed by Avril - and had sex with her, later going to propose to her only to find her trying to seduce Dominic, who was possessed by Benny. Upon learning the truth, he felt humiliated. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Squire's Crystal) Unbeknownst to the two of them, Benny was pregnant with Adrian's child. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus)

The Killoran team uncovered an artefact whilst building an extension for Bratheen Traloor's mansion. When Benny was invited by Traloor to investigate, Adrian tried to talk about what happened between him and Avril to no avail, and upon arriving believed that he heard her voice invite him into her room at night, only for him to be rejected. They later realised that the voice had been House and defeated it, finding the remains of Adrian's team in the cave, and agreed to be friends. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Stone's Lament)

Adrian found out that Benny had stolen a credit chip from him, prompting him to reset its spending limit to "lukewarm". This was briefly undone due to a time anomaly, allowing Benny to buy an excessive amount of shoes which were impounded once the anomaly was resolved. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Greatest Shop in the Galaxy)

As Benny neared the end of her pregnancy, both Adrian and Jason Kane insisted that each of them help at the birth in their own ways, causing Benny to leave with Claire. Irving Braxiatel later took both men to Benny, who presented Adrian with their son, Peter Guy Summerfield. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Glass Prison)

Adrian arguing with Jason over Peter. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters)

As Killorans mated for life, Adrian wanted to be with Benny and raise Peter with her, something that he tried to keep secret by telling her that the males of his species did not involve themselves with their young. However, his true desire was betrayed somewhat when Benny spotted a fluffy rabbit toy in his pocket. He and Jason continued to argue over Peter, leading Benny to leave Peter with the two whilst she went to Goron IV, giving them the opportunity to prove that they could care for him. They travelled to Goron after Peter was kidnapped by Ashantra, during which Adrian admitted his paternal urges to Jason. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters)

Adrian and Braxiatel followed Benny and Jason into a mirror where they encountered a double of Benny who confessed her undying love to Adrian, who was not fooled and smashed her. His love for the real Benny allowed him to rescue her. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Mirror Effect)

Axis occupation[]

When the Fifth Axis attacked the Collection, Adrian left Peter with Orst Gemayal to keep him safe, aware of the organisation's disapproval of humans interbreeding with other species. Adrian himself was made to work with the other Killorans whilst awaiting relocation. (PROSE: The Fall) Following the detonation of a bomb, a number of Killorans - Adrian included - were locked up. (PROSE: The Garden of Whispers)

Adrian and Benny during the Axis occupation. (PROSE: Life During Wartime)

Benny visited Adrian on his lunch break and let him know that Peter remained safe. Adrian told her that Jason, who seemed to have joined the Fifth Axis, had been at the construction site and had kicked him three times, which she believed to be due to his jealousy of Adrian and Peter. (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 2) He continued to think about his son. (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 4)

Benny lied to Adrian and told him that she loved him before going to Heaven, hoping that that belief would keep him strong if he was deported in her absence. When Bernard Moskof announced that the non-humans would all be transported elsewhere, Adrian and the other Killorans refused to board the transport ships and hopelessly rushed the Axis officers, only to be saved by Braxiatel in his TARDIS. He forgave Jason upon learning of his true motives and pretended to accept Benny's choice to be with him, although he really believed that he was the one she loved. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks)


Following the return of normality to the Collection, Adrian took Peter to the lake and built a pile of stones with him, a Killoran tradition that he was proud to see his son accomplish. (PROSE: Misplaced Spring) He saved Jess Carter from Thomas, who tried to rape her, (PROSE: Welcome to the Machine) and wished Benny luck before the First Annual Braxiatel Collection Archaeology Conference, not realising that Peter scribbled on her notes before he took him to Café Vosta. (PROSE: Final Draft)

Adrian with Peter and his colleagues. (PROSE: A Life Worth Living)

Adrian had an altercation with Hass, who then accused him of being responsible for filling in his sunken garden. The two came to blows over it. (PROSE: Against Gardens) He and three other Killorans helped Bev Tarrant return artwork stolen by the Fifth Axis to Viveka and he and Bev began spending a lot of time together. (PROSE: Reparation) She drugged him in order to take him to Earth to protect her whilst she searched for the Purpura Pawn, knowing that he would turn down her request to instead save Benny. (PROSE: The Purpura Pawn)

When Benny contracted a virus from the pages of an old play, Adrian stayed by her side and, when she awoke briefly after a four day coma, he promised her that he would be there when she woke up again. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield in the Masquerade of Death) The two went on a mission during which their shuttle crashed and Adrian had to defend Petaldew, Larkspur and Dogwood's crops in return for their assistance. (PROSE: You Shouldn't Have) Adrian and Jason began arguing about how Peter should be raised. (PROSE: The Tree of Life)

Adrian and Bev trailed Ms Jones after she kidnapped Peter, travelling to a seaside town where they experienced nightmares drawn from their pasts, Adrian's being him killing a five-year-old at Világ. They ultimately learnt that Ms Jones had gone to Thuban and went after her, leaving Jacob, an individual created from Peter's innocence, behind. (PROSE: Hiding Places) Joined by Benny and Jason, they recovered Peter and Adrian attacked Ms Jones, who tried to shoot him before Bev killed her. (PROSE: Parallel Lives)

The history machine[]

Adrian and Bev began a relationship, becoming a proper couple. Following the theft of the Collection's security blueprints, Adrian worked on new defences and attended Doggles' press conference where the history machine was activated. (PROSE: Inappropriate Laughter) He was severely injured by the shockwave, (PROSE: Siege Mentality) which created a number of different versions of history to overlap.

In the first, Adrian was hypnotised by Braxiatel to take responsibility for killing Bev after seeing her with another man. After his confession, he collapsed with a migraine and entered into a coma. (PROSE: Dead Mice) In the second, he broke up with Bev in order to focus on his family after Benny was permanently blinded by the history machine and Peter was mortally injured, later using one of Avril's crystals to take Peter's place. (PROSE: Acts of Senseless Devotion) In another, Adrian and Jason were both killed by the explosion. (PROSE: The God Gene)

In one world, Adrian completed his security project and unwittingly contradicted Benny when she attempted to use him as an alibi after destroying the history machine. (PROSE: A Murderous Desire) In another, Adrian and Bev lost an unborn child. (PROSE: One of My Turns) History was eventually restored after Braxiatel beheaded Doggles. (PROSE: Family Man, After Life)

Continued career[]

It was Jason that told Benny about Adrian and Bev's relationship, (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Lost Museum) although the two briefly fell out when Bev believed that one of his friends had made a pass at her. He had Jason work constantly to deal with problems with the Collection following Braxiatel's departure. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Crystal of Cantus) When Benny failed to return from a mission, Adrian and Bev instigated a search for her. (AUDIO: The Tartarus Gate)

Adrian was targeted by Julius, a member of an extremist Killoran group that disapproved of his relationship with Bev and his fathering a child with Benny. Following an attempted assassination and a threatening note, Bev identified the culprit and Adrian killed him in self-defence. (PROSE: Outside the Wall) The attempt on his life, which endangered Peter, put a strain on Adrian and Bev's relationship and he was upset when she stood him up on a date. However, he realised that he truly loved her after she was stabbed by Dr Lakene. (PROSE: The Inconstant Gallery) He was perplexed when she asked for his thoughts on the Quire's behaviour. (PROSE: Perspectives: Quire as Folk)

Adrian during the Draconian attack. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift)

After Bev placed Benny under house arrest, Benny was able to convince Adrian that both women were acting irrationally and were likely affected by something. Adrian and Benny went to the Deep Galleries and found that Braxiatel had merged his TARDIS with the Collection and that it was having children. (PROSE: Mother's Ruins) A pollen infection caused Adrian to try to seduce Benny after she worried that Keith and Rebecca Kane-Summerfield would not be born, as well as to have sex with Doggles and Zing-Zang. He finally told Bev that he did not like how she had been acting like Braxiatel since his departure. (AUDIO: Summer of Love)

Adrian decided to propose to Bev and asked for Benny's blessing, which she gave with the condition that Peter never call Bev "Mum". Bev eventually accepted his offer of marriage without him asking, saying that he was terrible at keeping secrets. However, she had to fake her death and flee the Collection to avoid being killed by Kothar. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift) Adrian was imprisoned by the Draconians after attending a demonstration against them and was freed following the Collection's liberation, (AUDIO: Freedom of Information) after which he made sure to keep Bev in the loop. (AUDIO: The Wake)

Adrian sent Peter to Braxiatel's office to see Jason, inadvertently giving Braxiatel the means to kill Jason, (AUDIO: The End of the World) and told Benny that he did not believe that Peter could be a killer. He did, however, wonder if him and Jason fighting in front of Peter meant that he was responsible for what happened. He helped Benny and Peter get off-world with Bev, choosing to remain in order to keep an eye on Braxiatel, and was tortured by Doggles for information on their whereabouts, (AUDIO: The Wake) leaving him maimed. (AUDIO: Glory Days)

Off the Collection[]

Adrian was rescued from the Collection by Bev and the two began travelling together, deciding to raid Braxiatel's personal vault at Vingus Bank and inviting Benny to assist them. This allowed Adrian to be reunited with Peter. (AUDIO: Glory Days) He looked after him whilst Benny was away, although he was kidnapped by Frost on one such occasion. (AUDIO: Venus Mantrap, Secret Origins)

Adrian and Bev. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

Adrian and Peter went to Javarda to find Benny, keeping her up-to-date on recent developments when they found her. Shortly afterwards, he accompanied the two of them and Bev to rescue Robyn, fighting her after discovering that she had injured Bev. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past) When the Deindum began to conquer the universe, Adrian helped Doggles launch covert attacks and assisted in the recapture of Braxiatel. He was later put in charge of creating the architecture for Deindum's fake history and was left on the Collection with Bev when they attacked. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

Following the Deindum war, Adrian and Bev finally got married and spent their honeymoon on Valentine's World. They set up and managed a refugee camp on the planet and Bev became pregnant with several Killoran pups. (PROSE: Adorable Illusion) He gained a son-in-law when Peter married. (AUDIO: The Pyramid of Sutekh)


Having been force-evolved for war, Adrian's nature was one of violence and rage but which he was largely able to overcome due to the guilt he felt after the invasion of Világ. (PROSE: Hiding Places) He was, however, prone to being argumentative and occasionally came to blows. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters; PROSE: Against Gardens, etc.)

As Killorans mated for life, Adrian grew attached to Benny after impregnating her whilst she was possessed by Avril Fenman and attempted to keep his distance by claiming that Killoran males had no involvement with their children. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters) He accepted that she wanted to be with Jason whilst believing that she actually belonged with him. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks)


As a Killoran, Adrian resembled a cross between an ape and an upright wolf. He was tall for one of his species, standing at almost eight foot tall, and wore blue overalls whilst working. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Doomsday Manuscript) He was stronger than average for his race. (PROSE: The Squire's Crystal)