Adrian Wall was the pseudonym adopted by a Killoran who served as head of construction on the Braxiatel Collection. Since Killoran names were usually impossible to pronounce by humanoids, Killorans frequently adopted pseudonyms when living or working off their planet. Most took the names of famous military or state leaders from Earth's history (e.g. Alex Thegreat, a member of Adrian's crew). Adrian got his name slightly wrong: he thought that "Adrian Wall" was a Roman general who protected Roman Britain from the Picts. (c.f. Hadrian's Wall)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Adrian Wall had a deep fixation/lust for Bernice Summerfield and slept with her, once (while unbeknownst to him, her mind had been taken over by alien sorceress Avril Fenman). (PROSE: The Squire's Crystal) Soon afterwards, Adrian went to Rhinvil to discover what had happened to his crew that was doing work there. This lone sexual contact was used by Bratheen Traloor's computer to mislead Adrian into thinking there was something more between them when the computer went mad, (AUDIO: The Stone's Lament) and led to Bernice Summerfield becoming pregnant with his child. (PROSE: The Glass Prison) Bernice planned on raising the child alone as a single mother, although she later softened her stance and both Jason Kane and Adrian Wall became involved in Peter's upbringing. On the first time she let him look after Peter he was kidnapped by Ashantra, whilst she went to Goronos to give her expertise. He worked with Jason to get Peter back. (AUDIO: The Green-Eyed Monsters)

He travelled with Benny, Jason and Irving Braxiatel through the mirror in the collection. He used his knowldege of building to work out what sort of place they had come to. Adrian was the first to encounter a dark version of Benny who tired to seduce him. When Benny was trapped in the mirror, his love for her managed to break through the creature in the mirror effect and rescue her. (AUDIO: The Mirror Effect)

He was imprisoned durring the Fifth Axis occupation of the collection for being an alien. He was still in love with her. His attempted deportation initiated the liberation of the collection. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks) He became trapped in the Spinster's Prison not knowing how he got there. He got annoyed at the shoddiness of the prison and tried to find a way to get there. When the season changed he became the King of Summer. He had stayed by Benny's side when she was fighting the virus she contracted which created the prison in her mind. (AUDIO: The Masquerade of Death) After Bev Tarrant came to the collection, he and Bev became romantically involved. Because of the pollen infection he tried it on with Benny. He was later caught having sex with Doggles (AUDIO: Summer of Love) However, just before Adrian worked up the courage to officially propose to her, Bev was forced to flee the collection when it was occupied by Draconian forces during the Draconian-Mim War and receiving the personal attention of Ambassador Kothar. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift) He was then imprisoned after his reaction to the apparent death of Bev. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information)

Adrian remained on the Collection even after Bernice and Peter Summerfield fled, whereupon he was captured and tortured by Doggles to find where they had gone. (AUDIO: The Wake) This torture left Adrian maimed, his profile was noticeably changed. Adrian was later rescued by Bev Tarrant and the two travelled together, meeting Bernice and Peter in a daring raid on Vingus Bank and Braxiatel's personal vault. He was stuck with the clone of Benny whilst Benny and Bev conducted the main raid. (AUDIO: Glory Days)

Adrian spent some time looking after Peter whilst Bernice was away. During one of these stays, Peter was kidnapped by the psychopath Frost. (AUDIO: Venus Mantrap)

He went with Peter to search for Benny on Javarda and informed her about the recent developments. Shortly afterwards, he accompanied them and Bev to rescue Robyn from the moon. After discovering that Robyn had injured Bev, he fought Robyn. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

When the Deindum began to conquer the universe, Adrian assisted Doggles on the moon, trying to launch covert attacks while the Diendum's resources were stretched across multiple times and places. He then helped in the recapture of Braxiatel. When they created a fake history for the Deindum, he was in charge of creating the architecture. He was left on the Collection with Bev when the Deindum attacked. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

In the wake of the Deindum war, Bev and Adrian got married, spending their honeymoon on Valentine's World. They set up and became the leaders of a refugee camp on the planet. Bev later became pregnant with several Killoran pups. (PROSE: Adorable Illusion)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like all Killorans, Adrian resembled a cross between a wolf and an ape, complete with fur and fangs. Adrian was larger and stronger than average for his race, standing a full eight feet tall. (PROSE: The Squire's Crystal)

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