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Adrian Salmon is a comic artist who has been principally a colourist in the world of DWU comics, working mainly for Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures. He has occasionally pencilled and inked stories, when his angular and sometimes abstract style have fit the story. He is also an active illustrator strongly associated with the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series.

He contributed to the audio commentary for the animated recreation of The Power of the Daleks.

Comics work[]

Salmon wrote, pencilled and inked Unnatural Born Killers. He inked, drew and coloured Junk-Yard Demon II, Character Assassin, The Power of Thoueris! and The Dragon Lord. He drew and inked By Hook or By Crook, Univeral Monsters and The Stockbridge Showdown, which also featured art drawn by Dave Gibbons, Roger Langridge, Dan McDaid, John Ross, Mike Collins, John Ridgway, Martin Geraghty and David A Roach. The Company of Thieves is the only story he pencilled but didn't ink, thus providing a "raw" view of his drawing style in Doctor Who comics.

These cases are, however, exceptional. He has mainly worked as a colourist. For DWM, he handled the majority of DWM stories between late 2001 and the end of the Eighth Doctor's run in 2005. He then became effectively the house colourist for Doctor Who Adventures, beginning with DWA 1. He also illustrated for the first two teams in DWM's The Time Team feature up until 2017, when the second Time Team stopped.

Salmon's Doctor Who career outside of DWM has also included artistic chores on Cold Blooded War!.

Cover illustrator[]

Salmon has done the covers of almost every release in the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series from Season 2 up through Season 11. After Big Finish switched the range to box sets, they rebranded the series with a new logo, theme song, and cover designs, abandoning the distinctive cartoon style of the past 10 seasons. He has also covered the following books:

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