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[[Category:Human astronauts|Fairley]]
[[Category:Human astronauts|Fairley]]
[[Category:20th century individuals]]

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Adrian Fairley was a British astronaut and a member of an international mission to Mars in the 1970s. On one trip to the surface, something went wrong and his shuttle crashed onto the planet. His broken body was found and repaired by the Zoltans. The peaceful contact between the two species made Fairley a celebrity and an enthusiastic spokesman for the Zoltans. Secretly, the Zoltans had gain power over him when they operated on him. They used him to breed Zoltan soldiers to eliminate prominent anti-Zoltan persons, furthering their colonisation of Earth. After eleven such deaths, Adrian himself died of no apparent cause, with a defiant smile on his face. The Third Doctor speculated that he died defying the power the Zoltans held over him. (PROSE: Soldiers from Zolta)

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