Adam's daughter was an Android.

She was a tall woman, dressed in a dark pink striped suit. Her blond hair cascaded about the shoulders in curls.

Someday a research probe was sent to Victorian Britain. The human scientists wanted to clean up after themselves but hadn't found a way to send living creatures into the past, so Adam's daughter was sent into the past to find the probe.

Meanwhile the inventor Joseph Montague had found the probe and used it as the brain of his Difference Golem Adam. He later put Adam to sleep.

In 2011 Adam's head turned up at an antiques auction.

Adam's daughter bid against Sarah Jane Smith for Adam's head. However, she did not have more than 130 pounds and Sarah Jane got the head for 140 pounds.

Adam's daughter followed Sarah Jane into Holcote House. There Adam's head and body was soon put together and reactivated by Sky Smith. Adam's daughter fought against Adam but Adam escaped to the Eden factory. He didn't want to be alone and let the unfinished Difference Golem come to live.

Rani Chandra later convinced Adam to return home. Adam took out the research probe of his brain and gave it to his daughter who promised to bring the probe back to the future. After this Adam's mechanical body was just as liveless as his children. However he lived on in the future and managed to get the daughter that later tried to bring the probe back to the time where it was sent from. (AUDIO: Children of Steel)

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