Ada Uwaebuka Obiefune was the wife of Ijezie Obiefune and mother of Alice Obiefune.

Ada loved delta blues, jazz, and reggae. Her favourite musician was John Jones, a pop singer from the 1960s. (COMIC: What He Wants...) She attended one of Jones' concerts at the Dog & Duck in 1962 and "dance[d] like a lunatic" according to her daughter, who she did not know was watching her from the future. (COMIC: The Comfort of the Good)

At some point after Ada became pregnant with Alice, her husband died and she raised their daughter as a single mother. During a visit to his grave, Alice was crying and Ada explained to her daughter her moral philosophy that if something is wrong, one must speak up about it to prevent the wrong from going on. Alice revealed that Maddie Potter's father expressed that Ada and her husband should "go back to where [they] came from." (COMIC: Whodunnit?) In June 1982, Ada delivered the same message to Alice, saying that one must speak out no matter how hard and painful it might be. (COMIC: The Infinite Astronaut)

Ada Obiefune (The Memory Feast)

Alice Obiefune's memory of Ada. (COMIC: The Memory Feast)

Alice took care of Ada for several years before she passed away prior to August 2014. Ada was a cornerstone in her daughter's life. (COMIC: After Life)

Impersonation Edit

Knowing Alice's desire for her mother to be alive again, the Talent Scout took Ada's form and convinced Alice that he was her mother, back from the dead. (COMIC: The Eternal Dogfight) Alice later remembered that her "mother" did not recognise John Jones when they met, despite Jones being her all time favourite musician, and it made Alice realise that this couldn't be her mother. (COMIC: The Infinite Astronaut) The Talent Scout taunted Alice by impersonating Ada again after a TARDIS explosion separated her from the Doctor in a separate dimension. (COMIC: Four Dimensions)

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