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[[Category:Bernice Summerfield stories]]
[[Category:Bernice Summerfield stories]]
[[Category:Bernice Summerfield short stories]]
[[Category:Bernice Summerfield short stories]]

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Acts of Senseless Devotion was the fourth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Something Changed. It was written by Pete Kempshall.


Bernice Summerfield wakes up in a strange place, her first instinct is to find Peter. Dr Wh'thm says she is blind, but he has worse news for her. Peter has a matter of hours to live. Benny tries to find a way to help him, and asks Bev to find an old acquaintance, one with a power of a crystal.



  • Bev has scars on her face from being tortured by Moskof.
  • Bev communicates through her wall-comm.
  • Peter's unique hybridised human-killoran DNA made it difficult for Dr. Wt'hlm to treat him.
  • Sherlock Holmes is mentioned.
  • Benny might have to receive robotic eye implants because the damage to her retinal tissue is too great.



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