Acomat was a 13th century Mongol bandit.

In 1289, he and Malik worked with Tegana in a plan to kill the members of Marco Polo's caravan. He and the other bandits caught Barbara Wright snooping around in the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes.

He later met with Tegana at the town of Sinju, where Tegana told Acomat to attack Marco Polo's caravan on their second night in the bamboo forest. Tegana told Acomat he would signal him with a burning branch

In the forest, he and the other bandits waited for Tegana's signal. With the Moon about to rise, Acomat decided to attack without using stealth as ordered. Acomat and the bandits found the First Doctor, Polo, Ian Chesterton, Tegana and the bearers waiting for them. In the fight, Acomat confronted Tegana, scoffing him by saying "So, the mighty War Lord Tegana is awake!". An angered Tegana plunged a sword into Acomat, silencing him forever. His death caused the other bandits to flee into the forest. (TV: Marco Polo)