Achilles 4 was a space station created after Dark Space 8. While Dark Space 8 was hosting the Intergalactic Song Contest, Achilles 4 hosted a peace convention between the Angvians and Gholos. The peace conference was disrupted when Angvian terrorists attacked it. However, in reality, the peace conference was a bluff, with the Song Contest being the real convention. (AUDIO: Bang-Bang-a-Boom!)

Behind the scenes Edit

Just as Dark Space 8 was a reference to Deep Space 9 of the Star Trek franchise, Achilles 4 was a reference to Babylon 5 from the TV series of the same name. Dr Harcourt's line about the contest being "the last, best hope for peace" between Angvia and Gholos is a direct quote from the opening monologue of Season 1 of Babylon 5.

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