The Abzorbaloff was the name given by both the Tenth Doctor and Elton Pope to an Abzorbalovian [source needed] who disguised himself as a human under the alias Victor Kennedy. He could absorb his victims' bodies, along with their memories and consciousnesses, into himself at a simple touch.



Clom, the creature's home planet, was the sister planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius. Despite a passing resemblance to them, he spoke of the Raxacoricofallapatorians with contempt. (TV: Love & Monsters)


Circa 2007, the "Abzorbaloff" lived the lifestyle of a wealthy human gentleman named Victor Kennedy. When he discovered the Doctor's picture on LINDA's website (WC: Tardisode 10), Victor recruited them to locate the Doctor with the aid of Torchwood files that he had somehow obtained.

Feigning a common interest in this mystery figure, he picked off members of LINDA one by one until he could acquire his real quarry. He planned to absorb the Doctor's memories and knowledge. He was defeated when the remnants of the absorbed members of LINDA rallied together to pull him apart from inside. When Elton Pope broke his cane, the limitation field inside it was destroyed. His absorption ability went out of control, and his body collapsed into a gooey puddle and seeped into the ground (TV: Love & Monsters).



Victor greets LINDA (TV: Love & Monsters).

The physical absorption process was begun by a simple touch and was irreversible. The faces of his victims could be seen embedded in his flesh and retained their identities and consciousnesses for several days at least. They could access the creature's own thoughts. Even after that time, remains of their faces were still visible. Victor also required the use of a limitation field, disguised as part of Kennedy's cane or the cane itself, to keep his absorption ability in check.

It would also seem that Victor possessed some kind of ability or technology that allowed him to change his appearance as he was able to take on the form of Victor Kennedy (TV: Love & Monsters).

Behind the scenes

  • The name and basic design for the Abzorbaloff came from a drawing by then nine-year-old William Grantham, an entrant to a Blue Peter competition to design a monster for Doctor Who. The on-screen Abzorbaloff remained mostly faithful to the drawing, with only a few changes. The drawing depicted the Abzorbaloff as about the size of a building, rather than the human size it was depicted as in the episode.
  • Dean Harris played Victor Kennedy in Tardisode 10. Only his hands were shown. (DWMSE 14)
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