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About Time 8 was the eighth volume in the About Time series of Doctor Who reference books. It covered series 3 of the televised series, from The Runaway Bride to Voyage of the Damned, as well as The Infinite Quest.

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In About Time, the whole of classic Doctor Who is examined through the lens of the real-world social and political changes — as well as ongoing developments in television production — that influenced the series in ways big and small over the course of a generation. Armed with these guidebooks, readers will be able to cast their minds back to 1975, 1982, 2005 and other years to best appreciate the series' content and character.

Volume 8 of this series focuses on series 3 (2007) of the revamped Doctor Who starring David Tennant, as well as the Christmas special Voyage of the Damned and the animated story The Infinite Quest. Essays in this volume include: "Why Weren't We Bovvered?", "How Messed-Up Can Narrative Get?", "Which are the Most Over-Specialised Daleks?", and "Is Kylie from Planet Zog?"

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Contents Edit

  • Each story is broken down into many segments, including:
    • Section 1
      • Which One Is This? (very brief introduction, as the writers eschewed dense plot summaries)
      • Firsts and Lasts
      • Watch Out For...
      • Continuity
        • The Doctor, The TARDIS, The Time Lords, The Supporting Cast, The Supporting Cast (Evil), Planet Notes, The Non-Humans
    • History / Planet Notes
      • Dating
      • The Time War
      • Additional Sources (for information provided only in DVD extras or spin-off series), a Catchphrase Counter and lists of any Deus ex Machina
      • Analysis
        • The Big Picture
        • English Lessons (/Welsh Lessons)
        • Oh, Isn't That...?
        • Things That Don't Make Sense
        • Critique
      • The Facts (cast, dates and ratings, translations, edits)
        • Production (behind-the-scenes notes)

Essays Edit

Most serials are accompanied by an essay, and the essays cover a very broad range of topics.

Essays in this volume include:

  • Why Weren't We Bovvered?
  • Why Does Everyone Forget About the Aliens?
  • Why Does Britain's History Look So Different These Days?
  • Must They All Be Old-Fashioned Cats?
  • What Were the Best Online Extras?
  • Who are You Calling Monsters?
  • How Long Should an Episode Be?
  • Why Would an Alien Love Cricket?
  • How Many Times has This Story Happened?
  • How Messed Up Can Narrative Get?
  • Why Hide Here?
  • How Come Britain's Got a President and America Doesn't?
  • Martha - What Went Wrong?
  • Why Not Mention the War?
  • Is Kylie from Planet Zog?
  • Is Animation the Way Forward?

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