Aberystwyth University was located in Aberystwyth, Wales. It hosted a lecture entitled "Black Holes and the Uncertainty Principle".

Upon learning that Eugene Jones had planned to attend the lecture, Gwen Cooper went herself, as part of her investigation of Eugene's death. Whilst there she met Eugene's friend Gary, who eventually admitted his part in the events that lead to Eugene's accidental death. (TV: Random Shoes)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In Random Shoes, the flyer advertising the lecture gives the title "N. Wales Astronomy Society Convention, Aberystwyth University, Science And Natural History Museum". In reality, there is no such society, or museum.
  • Scenes set at the university were actually filmed in the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. Filming in Aberystwyth would have been impractical due to budget and time constraints.
  • The Aberystwyth Arts Centre, located on the main university campus, was one of five venues that held advanced screenings of the Doctor Who episode Smith and Jones. These were held throughout Wales on the morning of 31 March 2007, prior to the episodes broadcast on BBC One that evening.
  • The Aberystwyth Arts Centre was also the venue for the 2007 "Ffresh" festival (the annual Moving Image Festival of Wales) where both Richard Stokes and Catherine Tregenna gave a talk and Q&A session about their respective roles as producer and writer for Torchwood.
  • The Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies at the university has strong links with BBC Wales, possibly a reason for it being chosen to "appear" in Torchwood.
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