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Abigail "Abby" McPhail was the creator of The Blue Box Files, a podcast which she hosted alongside her friends Cleo Proctor and Shawna Thompson. By 2022, she was 25 years old.


Abby was born in 1996 or 1997. Aged 16, she met and started dating Craig at school. She met Cleo Proctor and Shawna Thompson at university and bonded over their mutual love of murder podcasts and hatred of their "alt-right neckbeard neighbour".

In 2022, she was established as the main host of The Blue Box Files alongside Cleo and Shawna and was greatly invested in conspiracy theories surrounding the Doctor's TARDIS. Shortly after recording an episode of the podcast about the March of the Adipose, she mentioned Craig was cheesed off with her for being a full-time carer for her mum and not having time for him, while she also overheard reports of the Doctor being involved in missing persons cases. When she received a letter from the Thirteenth Doctor in her home (AUDIO: SOS) in Glasgow, (AUDIO: Hysteria) she tried calling Cleo, but as soon as Cleo picked up the phone, Abby forgot what she wanted to talk about. (AUDIO: SOS)

Abby later recorded an episode based on the Judoon's abduction of the Royal Hope Hospital and interviewed Doctor Oliver Morgenstern about the events. Throughout, she became concerned about Cleo's safety when she began to realise the danger of her coming into contact with Rani Chandra, knowing that the Doctor's friends were in trouble. (AUDIO: Hysteria)

Behind the scenes[]

Abby McPhail fanart by Rosie.[1]