The Abbot of Mai' Sung was the leader of a group of monks in a remote valley in Asia. He sought to control the world with modern science and ancient mysteries.

In the first stage in his plan, he invited all the scientists of the world, including the Third Doctor, to a global TV-linked conference. When they arrived, he released into the room a type of nerve gas which stopped their metabolisms, causing them to slowly die. The gas had no effect on the Doctor and in an attempt to save them, he flew all of the scientists in a plane to the valley where the Abbot's stronghold was located to get the antidote.

Once there, the Abbot gave the antidote to the Doctor but tried to create a pact with the Doctor to rule the world. The Doctor revealed he had planted explosives which would go off if he pre-seeded the transceiver. The Abbot escaped along with his monks. The Doctor said to them, "Fai par t'ng so hat fang!" which meant they had sinned and retribution was at hand.

The Doctor and all the monks escaped in the plane. They took off with the Abbot's stronghold destroyed in the explosion. (COMIC: Deadly Choice)

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