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Aardman Animations were the studio who produced the games Doctor Who Game Maker and Don't Blink.

They are well known for their claymation productions: Wallace and Gromit, written by Bob Baker and starring Peter Sallis, Shaun the Sheep, and the 2000 film Chicken Run. They also produced the 2006 computer-animated Flashed Away, featuring Bill Nighy as Whitey. David Tennant voiced Charles Darwin in their film The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!.

Shaun the Sheep Dalek

A sheep in a Dalek costume

One episode of Shaun the Sheep, entitled Party Animals, had one of the sheep dress up as a Dalek for the Farmer's birthday party. The Farmer is briefly scared by his entrance, and the Dalek-sheep has trouble getting up the stairs.

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