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A return to Skaro for the First Doctor… was an animated prequel to Return to Skaro created by Chris Thompson and released by Big Finish Productions on 18 March 2020 on their official YouTube channel. Similar in format to a TARDIS Cam episode, it ended on a credit sequence identical to the end of a William Hartnell episode, complete with "Next time: RETURN TO SKARO" appearing in the familiar white font on the last shot.

Bradley was credited as "Dr. Who", with Grant, Powell, Glover as his companions Susan, Barbara and Ian in said 1960s-style end credits, despite not delivering any lines, or appearing at all, within the webcast itself.

As it was labeled a trailer for the audio story by Big Finish, it is not considered a valid source by this Wiki, as we do not consider any kind of commercial a valid narrative.


The arrival of a certain space-time vessel disturbs the wildlife of Skaro while the Dalek City still sits in eerie silence…


The corridors of the Dalek City on Skaro are deserted as a rainstorm rages on, when a sudden lightning strike hits its tallest spire. Coincidence or otherwise, it is at this moment that in the middle of the petrified jungle, the Doctor's TARDIS materialises, startling a Magnedon and a Lake Monster, with the latter deciding modesty is the better part of valour and sinking back into its swamp.




  • Chris Thompson highlighted, on Twitter, the way in which some of the shots from the webcast were directly based off of shots from The Daleks.[1]