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[[Category:Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart short stories]]
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[[Category:1991 short stories]]
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A Wee Deoch an ...? was a Brief Encounter short story published in DWMS Winter 1991.


The Sixth Doctor takes Mel to the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton to celebrate his nine hundred and ninety-first birthday. At the same time, Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself at the same hotel with forty-eight hours to wait until he meets a contact by the name of Herr Hahnstier. The Doctor accidentally creates a scene in the hotel restaurant, causing a waitress to spill her tray of cream cakes into the lap of a lady dining there. As the Doctor and Mel breeze off, Alistair offers his assistance to the lady, who gives her name as Doris.



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  • This is the first published short story written by an actor who played the Doctor on television.
  • The title of this story is a play on "A Wee Deoch an Doris", a skit and song by Scottish comedian and singer Harry Lauder.
  • This is the first time the Brigadier meets the Sixth Doctor in any medium. It even predates the only onscreen meeting in Dimensions in Time.


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