A Time & a Place — also known as Time and Time Again — was a Brief Encounter short story published in Doctor Who Magazine 197. It introduced Barbara Campbell, the daughter of David Campbell and Susan Foreman. It was written not only from Barbara's first person narrative perspective, but also in the second person narrative.

The character of Barbara Campbell later appeared in Legacy of the Daleks. While it might at first seem that John Peel purposefully re-used the character introduced in this story, it's much more likely that the two separate writers separately decided that Susan would have named her daughter after Barbara Wright.

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When the Seventh Doctor travels to Earth, he runs to meet someone he believes to be his own granddaughter. Instead, he has found Barbara Campbell, Susan Foreman's daughter. They have a brief conversation in which he asks after her mother, and the Doctor learns that Susan has lost her taste for travel and has settled down to her "niche in life".

Pleased he had known his granddaughter so well all those years ago when he forced her out of the TARDIS, he turns his attention to his ostensible great-grandchild. She shows every sign of being a traveller, and he briefly considers taking her with him, but then thinks better of the notion. The Doctor departs, leaving an old but mended shoe for Barbara to give to Susan, secure in the knowledge that Barbara will find her own path in life.

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  • DWM 197's table of contents clearly calls this story Time and Time Again. The illustration has it A Time & a Place. It's unclear which is a mistake. This wiki assigns this article to the name seen on the story itself.
  • This is the first piece of published Doctor Who fiction written by Una McCormack. Her second would not be published until 2008, fifteen years later.
  • No reference is made here to Barbara Campbell being adopted; in fact the Doctor mistakes her for Susan. This detail would be added later, in PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks.

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