A Story of the Peace was the eighth story of A Romance in Twelve Parts.

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  • Faction Paradox initiations are idiosyncratic, with no formal structure, based on the whims of an acolyte's particular sponsor rather than any actual system. This is exacerbated by the fact that failed initiations naturally tend to end in the initiate's never having existed in the first place.
  • Cousin Dysgenia is told that ninjas are actually mythical and based on Noh theatre, but that that means they're the most powerful martial art practitioners, and that Zen Buddhism is actually an elaborate joke (not worth the setup) the punchline of which can only be seen from a single spatiotemporal location.
  • The Peace could potentially bring an end to the War.
  • Symbiotes are water-borne organisms with no individuality which are good at information transfer and useful for negotiation when ingested. They are/were created by the Great Houses and the enemy trying to rewrite them to be more favourable in their judgement of who is to be given the Peace.
  • As a teenager, Dysgenia possessed a hatred for the music of The Sisters of Mercy. She frequently visited the Banshee.

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  • While the title is listed on the Obverse Books website as The Story of the Peace, the story is introduced in the book as A Story of the Peace.

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