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You may be looking for the comic story from TV Action.

A Stitch in Time was a digital comic strip published on Comic Creator, an app that allowed users to create their own comic strip stories featuring various Doctors, companions and villains.

The story's first "episode" was released for free along with the download of the app, and the further episodes were released upon the purchase of the app's packs. A total of 8 episodes were uploaded during 2016.


An all-new adventure featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, as well as a few surprise guests. Watch as they battle the evil Time Weaver alongside a rogues gallery of classic Doctor Who villains.


Episode 1[]

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald are readying themselves for a vacation, which Clara doubts will be relaxing at all. However the TARDIS spirals out of control which causes them to crash land on a planet, unbeknownst to them the TARDIS crash landed on top of someone.

As the Doctor and Clara traverse further onto the planet, Clara can't shake off the feeling that their being watched. Her suspicions are soon revealed to be true as a swarm of time flies reveal themselves and surround the duo. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver, which causes them to fly away. The Doctor felt that it was too easy to be true, and it was, as the flies began opening portals, one of which leads to a younger version of himself.

Episode 2[]

The Doctor and Clara jump into the portal which leads them to Manhattan. He finds that the time flies here are attempting to disrupt an event in his own personal history - the Weeping Angel chase at the Winter Quay.

As the Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond and Rory Williams flee for their lives from the lonely assassins, a time fly seems to be chasing after them. A weeping angel and a time fly surround the Doctor and Clara, but when they both blink it turns out that the angel decides to go after the fly. The weeping angel ends up attempting to zap the fly back in time, but the time-potential energy of the fly disagrees with the angel's digestion, destroying them both.

The Doctor decides to track down all of the time travelling flies before they disrupt more of the Doctor's personal history, little does he know the puppet master behind everything is watching over him, and isn't keen on letting the Doctor intefere.

Episode 3[]

The duo are back on the planet their adventure started in, closing the portal to Manhattan behind them. The next portal they enter leads them to London during the 22nd century Dalek invasion of Earth. As they jump in they find themselves surrounded by Daleks.

Meanwhile, the First Doctor and Susan Foreman have disarmed a bomb. After doing so, Susan leaves the Doctor to try and get some help. Once she leaves, the Doctor encounters a time fly.

The Daleks attempt to capture the Twelfth Doctor and Clara as slaves for the Daleks, but he's able to distract it and run away. They run to the First Doctor's location and steal the bomb that was previously disarmed, which grabs the time fly's attention away from his earlier incarnation.

The Doctor and Clara reach a dead end, with the time fly and Daleks trapping them in an alleyway. The Doctor activates the bomb with his sonic screwdriver and detonates it.

Episode 4[]

In The Library, the Tenth Doctor is preparing to teleport Donna Noble to safety. As he's configuring the systems, a time fly whizzes by them, distracting Donna from realising that she's about to be teleported away, which the Doctor does.

Back in London, Clara sticks her arm up from a pile of rubble caused by the explosion. The time flies hone in on her arm and carry her away from the Doctor.

Meanwhile the Tenth Doctor and River are running away from Proper Dave's corpse, being piloted by the Vashta Nerada. The time fly uses this opportunity to return to the Doctor who begins attacking it. He's inadvertently rescued by the Vashta Nerada who locks onto the time fly and eats its flesh before it causes any harm.

Ethel expresses disappointment that the time fly was killed before it could do anything, and asks her other flies to bring Clara to her.

Episode 5[]

On the Brittanicus Base, Victoria Waterfield and the Second Doctor have just finished disabling an Ice Warrior's sonic cannon and begin to run away. The Ice Warriors chase them down the several ice caves.

Clara has been taken to Ethel's base of operations, who tells her that she's a Time Weaver and that they have been knitting the fabrics of space and time since the beginning of existence. When Clara asks why she's doing what she's doing, Ethel reveals that it's because they dropped their TARDIS on her sister.

Back on the Brittanicus Base, the Doctor and Victoria are almost out of trouble when they're ambushed by time flies. They begin attacking the Doctor as the Ice Warriors arrive. The Doctor tells Victoria to scream which cracks the ice above them, crashing down on both the Ice Warriors and the time flies.

Episode 6[]

At 10 Downing Street, the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Harriet Jones are on the run from the Slitheen family. They attempt to get to the Cabinet Room and whilst on their way there, the Twelfth Doctor appears from one of the time fly's portals. He looks for Clara, but realises she's likely not in this location, and then he runs into a time fly.

Clara watches helplessly as Ethel reveals that a time fly has located the Doctor as they summon more and more to his location. He's totally surrounded and outnumbered with no way out, before bubbles appear around the flies and pop them out of existence. The Doctor spots the figure responsible for the time fly's disappearing who states she has a score to settle.

Episode 7[]

When the Doctor finds out that the figure is a Time Weaver he shows disbelief, believing that they were a myth. Gretel explains that the time flies and portals belong to her sister Ethel and explains to him the reason why Ethel is targeting him.

Ethel sees this in her lair, angry that her other sister is interfering in her affairs, and summons more time flies to try and stop the new duo.

The Doctor asks Gretel why she's helping him, to which she explains it's a bit of a sibling rivalry - Ethel and the other sister spend their lives trying to rip apart the fabric of the universe which Gretel rectifies. She disliked how she was always outnumbered trying to stitch it together but due to the Doctor evening the odds Gretel now stands a chance. However Ethel has upped the ante with the flies swarming every version of the Doctor and dragging every incarnation out of existence.

Episode 8[]

The Doctor watches on as his previous incarnations are being captured, helpless as he can't save his past selves. Gretel weaves the captured Doctors and knits the rips in time together. With help from the Doctor's screwdriver, time aligns itself again which allows the Doctor to jump into the rips in time, hopping from the Seventh Doctor's location to the Eighth Doctor's location and then the Fourth Doctor's location.

Ethel loses the Doctor's location, before he suddenly appears in Ethel's lair. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to make the flies swarm Ethel. A portal then opens up which the Doctor and Clara jump into, teleporting them back to the safety of the TARDIS.




  • The final instalment of the story was uploaded at the end of 2016. By this time all other spin-off media had retired Clara, making this the last ongoing production featuring her.
  • Most of the segments featuring the Doctor's past incarnations take place during previous television episodes:
  • Ethel and Gretel, as well as their unseen sister, are all an allusion to the witches of The Wizard of Oz: Ethel represents the Wicked Witch of the West, Gretel represents the Good Witch of the North, and the third sister, who is said to have died after being crushed by the Doctor's TARDIS, represents the Wicked Witch of the East, who died after Dorothy's house landed on her. The final page of the story also sees Clara quote the film's famous ending line, "There's no place like home".


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