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A Star is Born was a 2011 Big Finish Productions audio short story, read by William Russell.


The Doctor and his companions answer a distress call from a vast spaceship carrying the remnants of a dying race...



  • Ships entering the exosphere are subject to gravitational pull.
  • Communications arrays can be used to broadcast messages, such as requests for assistance.
  • Egrabill is unable to discern Susan's gender.
  • Kinneret is the homeworld of the Metraxi.
  • The Metraxi became sterile and so used cloning to reproduce. However, this resulted in the loss of key genetic information, shorting their lifespans with each generation.
  • The Metraxi are led by Rode, a Provost.
  • The ship's propulsion generator failed and radiation is leaking from the fission reactor.
  • The Doctor says he is "well versed in a number of propulsion system" and notes Ian is a "scientist of sorts".
  • The Doctor and his companions don radiation suits to inspect the fission reactor.
  • The Metraxi have their own Bible.
  • The radiation mutates Greneva so that she can have children again. She becomes pregnant as a result and the Doctor suggest many Metraxi will have been similarly altered.


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