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A Small Semblance of Home was the ninth story of the eighth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series.

Publisher's summary[]

It's become his obsession. Through the hottest of deserts and the coldest of snows, the TARDIS crew have searched for the one remaining piece of the Doctor's most important experiment. But now Barbara's exhausted. Why hasn't the Doctor learned his lesson? What's so important that his scientific curiosity outweighs the safety of the crew once again? And will his latest arrogant trespass be the last he ever makes?


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  • Barbara has been trying to keep track of time while travelling in the TARDIS. She believes it is Sunday.
  • Barbara often met her friends in Shoreditch Park for picnics.
  • Barbara would have tea with her mother every Sunday.
  • On the planet, the Doctor believes they are a "couple thousand years" in the future from Ian's time, the ancestors of the tribe arrived "millennia ago," and that the tribe has been protecting the plant for centuries.
  • Camellia sinesis is the Latin name for tea.
  • After thousands of years of evolution, the tea plant is a cross between a bush and a tree.



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