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A Little Help from My Friends was the only story in the second year of the Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor comic series, published in 2020.

This multi-Doctor story tied into the events of the series 3 TV story Blink, taking place in 1969 during the time when the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones were stranded there by a Weeping Angel.

Quite unusually for this series, the first two parts of the story had their worldwide debut not in the ongoing American comic series, but in its UK sister series Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS, appearing in the first and second issues of its third year, less than a week before their respective American printings. Regardless, the fine print on the issues' contents pages still credit 13DY2 1 and 13DY2 2 as their original printings.

The story ended on a cliffhanger, which led into the Doctor Who (2020) story, Alternating Current.


The Thirteenth Doctor is back with her friends – Yaz, Ryan and Graham – in a brand new time-travelling adventure. This time she faces the horrific Weeping Angels – who else can help her out but one of her previous incarnations: the Tenth Doctor himself! Landing in the swinging 60s, the Thirteenth Doctor and fam are stranded in the middle of a territorial battle between the Angels and the creepy Autons, all the while having to avoid her former self and causing the universe to implode! What could go wrong?



The Doctor[]

  • The Thirteenth Doctor owns library cards corresponding to each of her previous incarnations. Cards for the First, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors can be seen.
  • The Thirteenth Doctor, while hiding her identity from Martha, uses the name "Jane Smith", which caused Martha to remark that she has a mate named "Smith".
  • The Tenth Doctor claims to be allergic to blue moons.

Times and places[]





Time Agency[]

  • Yaz pretends to be a time agent when interacting with the Tenth Doctor.



  • This is the first Titan Comics story to make its debut in the UK before the US, at least as far as parts one and two are concerned.
  • This comic story is contentious to date in the Thirteenth Doctor's era. The intention, evidently, was that the story was meant to be set during Series 11, noticeable due to details such as the TARDIS interior. However, several TV stories after the comic's release would bring this into question. First, Series 12's TV: Spyfall would illustrate Ryan, Graham, and Yaz still showing confusion about the Doctor's ability to change bodies, implying that they had never been a part of a Multi-Doctor event. More perplexing, Series 13's TV: Once, Upon Time, which premiered after the exit of Ryan and Graham, would feature Yaz meeting the Weeping Angels for, according to her, the first time. As with most continuity issues in the franchise's history, the solution to these contradictions are left to personal interpretation.
  • While in 1969, the Thirteenth Doctor says the Weeping Angels are "22 years away", which would be 1991. Despite this apparent mistake from the writer, she mentions the correct year of 2007 on the previous page.


The Doctor's library cards.