A Little Help from My Friends was the only story in the second year of the Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor comic series, published in 2020.

This multi-Doctor story tied into the events of the series 3 TV story Blink, taking place in 1969 during the time when the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones were stranded there by a Weeping Angel.

Quite unusually for this series, the first two parts of the story had their worldwide debut not in the ongoing American comic series, but in its UK sister series Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS, appearing in the first and second issues of its third year, less than a week before their respective American printings. Regardless, the fine print on the issues' contents pages still credit 13DY2 1 and 13DY2 2 as their original printings.

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  • Yaz pretends to be a time agent when interacting with the Tenth Doctor.

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  • This is the first Titan Comics story to make its debut in the UK before the US, at least as far as parts one and two are concerned.
  • Despite evidence to suggest a setting after Spyfall, the TARDIS interior uses its series 11 design.
  • While in 1969, the Thirteenth Doctor says the Weeping Angels are "22 years away", which would be 1991. Despite this apparent mistake from the writer, she mentions the correct year of 2007 on the previous page.

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