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A Life of Matter and Death is a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor and Izzy Sinclair.


After an explosion in the TARDIS, the Eighth Doctor and Izzy wake to find themselves on trial by "Jurors of the Limbo Inbetween" to determine whether they will "reside up above or burn in torment down below." After hearing the testimonies of villains who have been defeated by the Doctor, the two-headed, tentacled judge is about to pass judgment on The Doctor and Izzy when a person in a white gown with a hood-covered face bursts into the courtroom and helps them escape.

The hooded figure is a personification of the TARDIS. The "judge" is actually a "creature of the vortex" that had been sucking the life out of the TARDIS and this version of The Doctor and Izzy have been created by the TARDIS to help it fight off the parasite from within its memory banks. This version of the Doctor confronts the parasite, who conjures an army of the Doctor's foes to attack him, but the TARDIS' version of the Doctor counters by conjuring an army of his own, made up of his various friends and allies.

After an epic battle, the TARDIS' Doctor slays the parasite. Inside the TARDIS control room, the real Doctor and Izzy wake up after being knocked out by the explosion, not knowing what happened and go on to their next adventure.




  • This story was reprinted in the Endgame graphic novel.


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