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A Life in the Day was the first story in the audio anthology Dark Eyes 4. It was written by John Dorney starred Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka.

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The Doctor and Liv return to post-World War One London, where the Doctor meets Kitty Donaldson, and Liv strikes a friendship with her brother Martin. But what mysterious force is hunting them?

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The Eighth Doctor meets Kitty Donaldson, who asks him to check up on her brother Martin Donaldson - mistaking the Doctor for a medical doctor. This leads to the Doctor finding an unstable time field around Martin.

Martin befriends Liv and takes on a tour of London, during which they go to see a film, eat at a restaurant and visit the British Museum. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Kitty narrowly avoid capture from androids.

Throughout the day, Martin leaves items such as a diamond ring and an alarm clock, aiding the Doctor in evading capture. The androids finally arrive at the Donaldson house, capture the TARDIS and trigger a time granade.

Martin saves the Doctor, Liv and Kitty by jumping onto the time grenade. This caused him to become stuck in a time loop, continuously reliving the events of the previous day, hence the reason for him leaving items to assist the Doctor. In his final moments, Martin admits he has fallen in love with Liv and by living in the time loop he can spend more time with her.

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