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A Life Worth Living was the fourth Big Finish Bernice Summerfield story anthology. It was edited by Simon Guerrier.

Publisher's summary[]

Fourteen brand-new short stories about Bernice Summerfield (some-time adventurer, even-less-time academic) and her extended "family". There's Jason Kane (ex-husband, ex-buccaneer, ex-author of xeno-porn) and Irving Braxiatel (employer, Renaissance Man, sneaky devil). There's Bev, Adrian, Ms Jones and Peter. There's Hass, the new gardener, just arrived from Mars. There's the invasion of new students. And, inevitably, there's the mysteries, murders, mayhem and major weirdness that happen whenever Benny gets out of bed.

The war is over. The Braxiatel Collection is back to normal. Better than that, people are all making more of an effort ­ to rebuild, to get on, to re-establish the Collection at the forefront of academic excellence. Benny and Jason are back together. Life is good.

It's not going to last, is it?

Soon Benny is up to her eyeballs in strange deaths, sinister cults, peculiar love affairs and a Collection full of people who haven't yet stopped fighting.

Spend a whole year with Benny!


Title Author Featuring
Misplaced Spring Paul Cornell
Welcome to the Machine Sin Deniz
Final Draft Cameron Mason
Against Gardens Eddie Robson
A Summer Affair Joseph Lidster
Denial Ian Mond
Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants Philip Purser-Hallard
The Blame of the Nose Ben Woodhams
Reparation Gregg Smith
Nothing Up My Sleeve Richard Salter
Buried Alive Kate Orman
There Never Need Be Longing In Your Eyes Ian Farrington
Mentioning the War Nick Walters
Fragments Stewart Sheargold


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